Doctor Fluffy


“The most evil people you’ll meet are the ones who think they will be forgiven.”
 - Doctor Fluffy

The first issue in a limited run comic book series, Doctor Fluffy #1 will be available in print and digital form in April 2021. Pre-Order on Indiegogo or Pre-Order on Kickstarter to reserve your copy and get exclusive bonuses that are only available through our pre-sale campaign!

The Story:

In a dystopian not-so-distant future, a cult of violent fanatics has taken over the world. Within this broken society, twisted men reign and the weak exist merely to serve as flesh for callous fiends to inflict their dark, sadistic desires upon. Timmy Dahmer (no relation) has seen enough of it. After Timmy downs a bottle of pills to escape the madness, his pet cat, Doctor Fluffy, makes a stunning revelation which will take them to the gates of Hell and back. High off his ass and out for blood, the unlikely duo embark on a drugged-out journey plagued with psycho murderers, demons and the never-ending search for justice.

A study in true evil, this comic is for mature audiences and contains graphic depictions of sadistic violence and nudity. A nod to the classic horror stylings of old, spliced in with the extreme gore of modern times, Doctor Fluffy exists in a grungy, grayscale universe where both human and otherworldly dangers are terrifyingly real.



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